Why our Milk is all natural, but not “organic”


Our cows from Maple View Dairy are well cared for, happy cows. They are supplemented a mix of healthy grains all raised naturally on the farm with sustainable methods. No artificial growth hormones such as BST/rBGH are used - ever. If a cow ever requires medication, the milk is discarded to insure no antibiotics enter the milk supply.  It is because Maple View Dairy  treats their cows when they are sick rather than leave them untreated, in pain, and potential death, that the farm chose not to become certified organic. Not treating a sick cow with antibiotics when they needed it did not resonate with their values. To be certified organic they would have had to agree to not care for sick cows with medicine and they could not do that to the cows, who they consider part of their family. Many larger organic dairy operations, including the most popular national brands, manage their herd by keeping them on concrete feed lots rather than pasture so their every move can be “organically” managed. These dairies are following the letter of the  USDA organic law, but in no way the spirit. Maple View Dairy practices the spirit of care and compassion for their cows so their lives are given more respect and decency than a label on a carton. Taste the difference a North Carolina Bottled on Farm dairy makes. The love of the cows shows up in the taste of our milk. Udderly delicious!